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Churned Ajax Toolkit

Posted by Rebecca Chernoff on April 24, 2008

It has been quite a while since I have had the time to work on a personal project of this (*crosses fingers*) magnitude.  I am excited to present my newest project:  the Churned Ajax Toolkit!  This toolkit will grow into a library of controls that serve as a supplement to the Ajax Control Toolkit.  The inclusion of controls will largely be driven by the community.  The initial release was posted yesterday so head on over to the project page and check it out!  A live demo is also available.

This initial release contains a single control:  TextEditExtender.  This control extends a textbox, but displays it as a label when the textbox does not have focus.  This in-place editing provides a more friendly user experience.  The control is customizable by setting various css properties.  You can view the documentation on the Discussions page at the project page.

The release contains 3 files:

  • ChurnedAjaxToolkit_1.0.0.0:  The source code, demo website, and the dll.
  • ChurnedAjaxToolkit_1.0.0.0_DLL:  The dll only.
  • ChurnedAjaxToolkit_1.0.0.0_DemoSite:  The demo website only.



One Response to “Churned Ajax Toolkit”

  1. zAndrew said

    Churn it up! :p

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